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Gesine Arps was born in Hannover, Germany on November 3, 1964.


She is the second daughter of Helmut Arps and Helga Arps born Fischer. She attended the laboratory school called “Glockseeschule” (previously called Summerhill) in her native town. Her mother encouraged her to take up art and so she began to participate in art exhibitions at a very early age in Hannover.


At twenty she moved to Urbino, Italy where she completed her art education at “Accademia Raffaello” studying in the Ceramics department with professor Paolo Sgarzini. In 1990 she met the fashion designer Piero Guidi and created a series called “Magic Circus”.


During her stay in Italy she had many opportunities to exhibit her work even abroad and participated to Italian artistic events and exhibitions one after another. In this busy period, in 1994, the artist broadened her artistic research, not only dedicated to painting but experementing different expressive forms and media, using the most unusual materials in performances and installations.

In 1990, she met her husband, architect Alessandro Campilongo. They got married in 2007 and have been living in the Marche region with their two children ever since. She has been working with the art gallery Mizen Fine Art of Paris since 2009 and exhibits worldwide. Her works are part of numerous public and private collections.

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